4 Hot-selling bath toys for kids in 2021

4 Hot-selling bath toys for kids in 2021

Summer is coming, giving a bath for baby becomes an annoyance for the parents. Babies resisted taking a bath as soon as they encountered water, either sitting in the bathtub and crying, or naughty to make the mothers wet. So what can be done to make babies enjoy the bath quietly?

Toys are children's companions in life and play an important role in learn journey. The toys mainly use bright colors and beautiful patterns to attract children's interest which can carry out more effective tactile training to stimulate the baby’s brain development, that greatly contribute to the development of the interest of children. Playing is a baby’s nature, if there are toys for him to play in the bath, I believe the baby will not resist bathing, as this not only saves the parents a lot of worry, but also exercises the child's coordination skills.

In order to make the babies enjoy playing with water, I know a lot of bath toys. When choosing bath toys, parents pay more attention to the safety of the material. After a series of comparisons, here are the 4 bath toys that I would like to share with you.

  • Japanese bread Superman ANPANMAN shower flowers sprinkled with kids toys


 It is with big round pie face and red cheeks , cute cartoon image enough to attract the attention of the babies. Meanwhile the strong colour contrast of white and yellow and the comfortable rounded design enrich the appearance. The eco-friendly material of PVC gives parents added peace of mind. The standard household shower head at home is too big and heavy for the baby, and the water flow is relatively strong,children like to imitate the bathing behavior of adults,  Basically more than one year old, children will like to use this baby bath toy to shower by themselves! The water comes out at the touch of a button,that include splashing and watering, the water flow is moderate, mothers can rest assured and babies are happy with it.what’s more, There is a retractable carry handle on the top so that baby can lift it himself and add a bit of fun.

  • Hape children's shower spray little yellow duck playing set bucket toy


This toy set is a wide range of animal figures including teddy, yellow duck and whale, the rich colour palette help babies recognize colors and animals. there are clouds and 3 small buckets that can automatically absorb water and then squeeze it, it will start spraying water like a water gun. The three sprinkling designs provide a variety of ways to play, that make the baby comfortable and soothe the baby's emotions. You can twists the clockwork of  teddy  and it will go backstroke in the water, it is so cute!

  • TOLO children's fishing rod toy set magnetic toy


The blue rod with a rotatable design that allows the line to float up and down and there have three different colours stereoscopic fish, that mouth of the fish incorporates a sucker design. The line bait is a small worm sucker, which is sucked up against the fish's mouth to catch it. When you put the fish in the water, it will stand up naturally as if it were a real fish swimming in the water. When submerge the fish in the water and it will spit out bubbles. Parents can demonstrate the whole process of fishing and encourage baby to do it by themselves, and use it to teach the principle of suction gravity. The length of this fishing rod and line is very short, it will never go around the baby's neck. All the accessories are large size,the baby will not swallow it accidentally.

  • Japanese Hashy spray Yellow Duck bath bathtub music glow play water toys


This yellow duck is a popular bathing buddy for children in Japan. The bright yellow duck is accompanied by a circle of blue-green and white colour-coordinated swimming rings, made of safe non-toxic PVC + ABC material, which is waterproof and environmentally friendly. There is no switch on it, so it is ready to use once the batteries are installed and locked. At the top is a water spout from which water sprays out when you put the duck in the water. At the end is a buzzer which can rotate while singing and flashing its own color lights, the music adds more pleasant atmosphere while bathing. It is automatically senses when you put it in the water and stops when you pick it up, so it's quite easy to let the baby play with it on their way. baby enjoy the bath time with these cute toy together.

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