Decompression, Puzzle? Please Collect These Toy

Decompression, Puzzle? Please Collect These Toy

With the development of technology, mobile phones occupy too much time of daily life. The pace of modern life is too fast and pressure is constantly accumulated. That lead to feeling of anxiety and uneasy emotions. How can we avoid the influence of bad emotions? Now I want to recommend some funny and cheap decompression educational toys, which is suitable for both adults and children!

  • Magic Bean Rubik's Cube Between Fingers Recommended level : 3


Several of the grooves on both sides are filled with different colors beads. The middle part can be moved and flipped to disrupt the sequence of the beads. This is a new type of puzzle cube called fidget cube stress relief toy. For children, it can exercise hand-eye coordination and strong logical capability. Compared with traditional Rubik's Cube toys, it is much easier. As it doesn't need a strong formula like Rubik's Cube, you can rotate it at will and no need recall the last step Whenever you want to play, So I think it is very suitable for children and adults' pastime.

There are many styles of Magic Beans and Cubes on the market, you can buy them according to your favorite ones. But the basic gameplay is similar.

  • Variety Magic Ruler Recommended level :4

The Variety Magic Ruler is an intellectual toy invented by the Hungarians. It can be changed at will. Each section can be flipped from various angles and combined freely. that is suitable for both young and old. The strange shapes of the magic ruler can stimulate children's curiosity and interest in exploration, enhance memory, exercise image thinking ability, spatial imagination, and assemble various shapes such as tanks, hearts, swords and so on. There are hundreds of shapes altogether, You can assemble it with your thinking .

The price is very cheap and the quality is good. It is smooth without burrs.  Each section has a bumps and pits to match. No matter how you twist it, it won’t break and doesn’t require force to twist. Because of Light weight and moderate size, you can take with it at any time. it's a good choice to exercise your brain in your spare time .There are different specifications from 24 to 144 segments on the market. I suggest novices start with the simplest 24 segments and the unlock more shapes step by step.

  1. Decompression class
  • Decompression dice fidget busy cube Recommended level :3

The American company Fidget Cube launched a decompression dice artifact toy for anti-irritability, anxiety and stress relief. This dice has a total of 6 faces and each face has unique functions such as switches, joysticks, balls, buttons, rotary dials, etc. These setting operations can unconsciously adjust and relieve emotions in order to achieve the effect of decompression. The volume of the dice is not big but very small, it is feeling good on the hand and convenient to carry out. You can put it in your pocket and take it out to play when you have nothing to do or you are overwhelmed by study and work.

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