2021 Hottest STEM Toys

2021 Hottest STEM Toys

Steam is a new concept that has emerged globally in recent years, It is an educational concept that combines the meanings of the words Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. And it is a practical, interdisciplinary and supra-disciplinary concept of education. The magnetic wand started to appear in the US market as one of the steam toys, many education experts firmly believe that it fit perfectly with the educational philosophy advocated by the America society, like Montessori Education. It not only greatly promotes children's imagination and creativity, but also continuously improves the ability of hands-on development, and even became the soul mate on the road of children's intellectual growth. This series of toys is more open, the more able to stimulate children's imagination and creativity. Widely loved by parents and children, rave reviews! Amway through others, I finally placed an order.After receiving the hand, I discover the fun!

The material is mainly new ABS material with natural neodymium magnets, which is environmentally safe and odourless, and does not feel like cheap plastic to the touch. High resistance to drops and crushing. The magnetic bar series uses highly saturated colors to match, aesthetically appropriate for children, is a very good visual stimulus for children, immediately catching the their eye. The magnet attraction principle allows the rods and metal balls to be combined in any way to build creatively and open up children's intelligence. Exercise the four major abilities of logical thinking, colour perception, creativity and hand-eye coordination, it develops the child's brain power to the maximum. Create different structures such as letters, numbers, bridges, houses and various other graphic shapes. With a vivid imagination, baby can create a wealth of shapes, exercise baby's thinking skills and activate their intelligence. Then, with the patchwork magnetic stick toys, children are more able to focus on something and think happily about it. It helps children to understand and experience the magnetic properties of matter earlier. When the children first get their hands on the ball and bat, the "thump" of the parts that were scattered all over the place coming together will get them excited. And parents accompany their children through the building process with a series of interactions, patiently guiding their babies' perceptions, pulling in the emotions between them and solidifying the bridge of communication.

There are also a number of magnetic toys on the market, such as magnetic sheets, but they are nowhere near as popular as magnetic wands. The reason for this is that, from the perspective of a child who has just turned one year old, hand strength and fine motor development are not as mature, and the thin slices are not easy to grip and tend to pinch the meat, making them less safe. The magnetic wand’s all the parts are over 4.5 centimeter. It is specially made to be extra large in size to make it easier for babies to grip on their own and avoid the risk of swallowing. The magnetic bar is designed with a built-in magnet and there is no risk of falling off. And it can be rotated 360° for easy suction into shapes. Each block has a smooth shape and no corners, which protects children's safety. All aspects considered to make baby play more enjoyable. The shapes are diverse, interactive with other toys in the house and offer excellent value for money.

For all ages there are different ways to play: around one year old babies does not possess strong styling skills, mainly feel the suction, make simple puzzle patterns and promote the development of hands-on skills; two years old babies cognition colours, touch shapes, explore the differences in size, build flat images, stimulate imagination and create thinking; after three years old babies start to put together more complex block images and improve 3D thinking.

One of the main features of the magnetic wand is that it changes the simple way children used to operate toys. For children it is not just a toy. The greater significance of this is that it plays the role of a mentor and friend on the child's intellectual development path. This interactive experience of educational magnetic children's toys mainly reflects the interaction between children and their playmates, children and toys, toys and toys. This gives a new interpretation of the meaning of toys for children, so that they can feel happy while playing, learn and grow up in a healthy way.

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