Husband's Reaction to Hearing Pregnancy

Husband's Reaction to Hearing Pregnancy

After my wife Kiki and I worked hard to get pregnant for a year, one Saturday my wife suddenly told me that she was not menstruating normally and she was found to be pregnant. However, my reaction was, what, I was going to be a father. I was not happy or sudden, it was a direct and natural feeling. This makes me wonder, is the reaction of other husbands the same? So I think to check other man different reactions to wife pregnancy.

Husband's reaction to pregnancy

  • Kind, happy and panic
The wife woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning to detect pregnancy, and then woke up her husband and told him that he was awake instantly. After confirming the pregnancy, immediately post to fb, ins and tell friends, call and announce to all his friends that he is going to be a father. He was very happy and panicked. I don't know how to take care of his wife and future children.
  • Unexpected and surprise
I didn't want a child after I got married, but I suddenly became pregnant. He couldn't believe it and decided to take me to the hospital for an examination. After returning home, he was very happy. He lay on my stomach and listened to the voice of my stomach. He said: Thanks to my wife, I will definitely make money to take care of you and your children.
  • kind, very moved
We have been preparing for pregnancy for 3 years, the doctor has been advising us to keep in a good mood, and finally got pregnant one day, the wife looked at the pregnancy test stick in disbelief. Come out and tell her husband excitedly that the two cried out excitedly, feeling that pregnancy is not easy, and celebrate and take care of the future child.
  • Secretly happy
We had no pregnancy before. When my wife told my husband that I was pregnant, he didn't show any expression and took me to the hospital for a diagnosis. Then he took me back calmly. My wife thought he didn't like children and couldn't sleep at night, but later found out that the husband secretly told his best friend that he was going to be a father, a strange man.
  • Slow response

When the wife was about to tell her husband, he was weeding in the yard, and he replied gently, I know, when I returned to the living room disappointed to think about the child, he ran to me and asked me in surprise. What did you just say?
Husband's reaction to pregnancy blog
In summary, the husband is happy when he hears that his wife is pregnant, but they are happy in different forms. If you are a woman who likes to worry about children, then you should relax and choose a suitable time to tell him, trust me, he will like it very much.
What you have to do is to take care of yourself and prepare to welcome the newborn child.

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