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Exercise Toddler thinking - Magnetic tiles

Exercise Toddler thinking - Magnetic tiles

With the development of technology, the frequency of mobile phones is getting higher and higher in our life. Parents hope their children can stay away from electronic toys and touch more things On the way to growth. Now let me recommend a toy that can exercise your child's mind during entertainment time and keep your child away from electronics, Improve your child's behavior problems.

magnetic tiles come in different geometric shapes and colorful. When you want to buy magnetic tiles, you can choose any shape and colour you like. There are 16 shapes of magnetic tiles you can choose. Including triangles, circle, square and so on. The merchant will give you a game manual that will lead child to build each shape in a simple and understandable way. This can exercise your child's hands - on ability. magnetic tiles can be put together to build a lot of three-dimensional modeling, which is really friendly for children to learn three-dimensional geometry and graphics disassembly.

Compared with ordinary building blocks, magnetic tiles have several advantages.

First, the magnetic tiles have a strong magnetic force, child can easily pull 21 pieces to build their own shape, and the shape of the construction is more stable. Regular blocks are not easy to build , so magnetic tiles are a better choice. Because magnetic tiles are easy to build, kids can enjoy building block.

Second, the magnetic tiles is light, and the Traditional building blocks are relatively heavy. If the magnetic tiles is accidentally dropped, it will not cause harm to the child. But magnetic tiles are safer, so parents are more comfortable letting their children build on their way. When you go out for traveling , the building  blocks are heavy and not easy to carry, but the magnetic tiles are easy to carry. Parents can carry around magnetic tiles for their children to pass time.

Third, magnetic pieces are easy to pick up and organize, while building blocks are heavy and not easy to pick up. Because the magnetic plate has magnetic force, the child can clean up and tidy up by themselves .

Fourthly, compared with Lego-like building blocks, the advantage of magnetic  is more Diversity of shape . it can be changed from two dimensions to three dimensions and expanded from three dimensions to two dimensions. The child can analyze the geometry from the plane to the three-dimensional which cultivate the child's reverse thinking.

The material is mainly new ABS material with natural neodymium magnets, which is environmentally safe and odourless, and does not feel like cheap plastic. The technology for making magnetometers has improved that will keep the magnet from falling out. So it is very safe. Magnetic tablets can be washed and disinfected throughout the body to prevent bacteria from breeding. Magnets also don't rust and last a long time.

There's a lot of gameplay to play. Let me introduce some of them.

The most basic way to play the magnetic tiles is to let the child know the graphics like square, triangle, rectangle, etc. Different shapes of magnetic piece can be put into the shape of a different style, such as use square built a larger square, with two square combined into another rectangle and so on .through the combination of different shape can let children more intuitive cognitive shape.

Magnetic plate bowling:This play is also very simple, All you just need is a toy ball and magnetic tiles to play the game and if the magnetic tiles is enough, then you can pave a longer track to play bowling.

Go with another toy:Because the magnetic tiles has strong shaping, it can be used to match other toys, such as children's favorite magnetic tiles with transformers, it can create a very happy atmosphere.

Contest to build buildings of different shapes:Using different magnetic pieces to assemble different buildings can give full play to the imagination of children, magnetic pieces not only have a strong magnetic force, but also a variety of modeling design like tower cranes, buildings, excavators, and even transformers. Children can build different toys according to their own imagination.

Magnetic domino play:Putting a bunch of pieces together, and just push.

The literacy card can be placed in the middle of the magnetic tiles. The magnetic plate can also help children understand the word.

There is no limit to the development of a child's imagination. So a lot of kids have fun with magnetic tiles. If the child completes a work independently, it will have a great sense of achievement. magnetic tiles are suitable for children of all ages.

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