Maze Game for Kids

Maze Game for Kids

Does your baby like to play with educational toys? Today I recommend two kinds of toys that are similar to walking a maze. By thinking about how children can get out of the maze, it helps to cultivate children's hands-on and brain skills, exercise operational skills, and hand-eye coordination. Isn’t it great? If you like it, you must take a look. Studies have shown that taking children to play maze games can not only increase their intelligence, but also improve their various abilities. If your child is over three years old and he likes to play maze games, it means that the child has the preliminary analysis and judgment skills. There are a story: a small maze area in a park, two children were walking through the maze, and everyone soon discovered that the two children did different things. Child A was walking around blindly, and when he found that he had returned to the original place, he simply sat on the ground and broke down and cried. When Child B found out that he had returned to the original place, he grabbed a handful of stones from the ground. Throwing a stone while walking, it didn't take long to get out of the maze. In fact, children's performance in mazes is not only related to intelligence, but also related to playing more or less often. Children play maze games, the sooner they benefit. Let me introduce two maze toys to everyone, the babies will love it!

Fun Magnetic Maze Game

The magnetic pen cooperates with the maze, and children have endless fun. The baby needs to move the colored beads into the corresponding color frame. The magnetic pen can easily attract the beads to walk around the corresponding track. The tortuous maze and ingenious levels make the game fun. Different lines can exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination. This toy is not only fun, but also has exquisite original illustrations, which I believe will make babies fall in love with it.

This toy has the following highlights:

  1. Learning digital arithmetic: elementary calculations, exercise computing skills;
  2. Words finding labyrinth: learning basic english,scramble words, let children be classified, increase children's patience and exercise small hand flexibility;
  3. Number finding labyrinth: scramble numbers, let children be classified, increase children's patience and exercise small hand flexibility;
  4. Color recognition: bright colors are conducive to better memory and promote visual development;
  5. Imitation learning: recognize 0-9 numbers and cultivate interest in mathematics from an early age.

The maze game is a simplification of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional spatial structure, which is a microcosm of urban roads. Playing the maze game can promote children's spatial reasoning ability, but also help to improve the ability of direction identification. It requires children to carefully observe the part and the whole of the maze to determine the correct route to the exit. Go forward while judging, until finally find the right exit. If baby uses a pen to walk through the maze, can also train hand ability to hold. At the same time, When a child is playing the game, he will actively look for an exit. When he finds an exit through his own efforts, he can also gain a sense of accomplishment. This not only strengthens the child's self-confidence to a certain extent, but also stimulates him to continue to move forward, challenge and overcome himself.  

Although the maze game is just a game toy, but it is of great help to the improvement of children's abilities in all aspects. If parents can accompany their children to play together, it can also promote the interaction between parents and children and enhance the relationship between them.

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