Two novel dinosaur toys

Two novel dinosaur toys

Dinosaurs are a general term for reptiles appearing in the Mesozoic era. Vigorous limbs, long tails and large bodies are portrayal of most dinosaurs. They mainly inhabit forested or open areas on the lake shore plains (or coastal plains). In 1841, when British scientist Richard Owen, studying several fossils of lizard bones, thought they were left by some kind of prehistoric animal and named dinosaurs, meaning "scary lizards".

Dinosaurs give children a broader and unrestricted space for imagination. For an ancient species that disappeared before human existence, dinosaurs undoubtedly have a mysterious feeling.

Children are full of infinite curiosity about things they have not participated in. They desperately want to experience things they have not participated in, so they often establish a virtual experience through imagination to satisfy their curiosity.Similarly, children have not seen real dinosaurs and can not get much information from the population, so he will naturally have a strong sense of interest and substitution to experience the dinosaur life.

Dinosaurs are a symbol of strong power, allowing children to gain a strong psychological support. Children in real life, both height and strength are very weak, everywhere is protected and restricted by adults. They are eager to grow up, have the huge dinosaur body and amazing power.

Children's preference for dinosaurs can help children develop their imagination and comprehension. The complexity of the dinosaur world, that let children spread their unrestrained imagination. at the same time, the training of children's understanding is an excellent theme, it can completely penetrate into the mathematical logic, deduce imagination, memory contrast, retelling and other learning ability. Love for dinosaurs can also promote children's understanding of astronomical knowledge.

Today, we will mainly introduce two dinosaur toys.


If your child is interested in dinosaurs, then digging up dinosaur egg toys is a very good toy. Businesses will give you 12 "dinosaur eggs" as well as double-head digging tools. Twelve dinosaur eggs have 12 shapes dinosaurs. Businesses will also give away 12 dinosaur cards for their children to know 12 kinds of dinosaurs.

Children through the use of the chisel to break the gypsum, appropriate water to prevent dust, with a brush to clean the dust, and then you can dig out the dinosaur. children do their own archaeological exploration that satisfy the child's curiosity. The process of digging can exercise children's patience and cultivate children's ability to solve problems, but also can enhance children's interesting imagination and improve children's hands-on ability. Parents can also dig together with their children, which can enhance the interaction between adults and children.

Excavating dinosaur egg toys can also be used at home as decorative supplies. Dinosaur eggs are made of environmental protection plastic without odor and very safe for children.


Toy store will give you six different types of painting dinosaurs, six watercolors, and six brushes.Children use the watercolor paint to doodle the dinosaurs according to their own ideas.Children can play their imagination to create. The light watercolors can be washed away easily and children can create their own dinosaurs as they want.

Dinosaur painted toys make children who love dinosaurs feel different fun while learning dinosaurs.it can develop patience, cultivate children's hands-on ability and expend children's imagination. parents can also painting together with their children.graffiti can exercise children's concentration.

All the materials of the dinosaur suit are safe, no BPA, non-toxic, fun children's art activities.Watercolor pigments do not harm the body to the child.Parents can rest assured.

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