Parent-child interactive toys

Parent-child interactive toys

Parent-child toys have profound meaning, happiness and wisdom can achieve a double harvest. However, as the baby grows up, parents blindly choose some toys that have no scientific basis or even meaninglessness, but there will be reversed and even have a certain bad effect. As we know, toys are important members to accompany the children. For many smart babies, toys play an important role in the growth of babyhood. Therefore, it is better to spend a good time with children in the most natural and simple way-parent-child toys. This not only enhances the relationship between parents and children, but also allows to learn more knowledge and develop intelligence. The interaction between the parents -child can stimulate the potential and exercise the mind. It is the best way to stimulate the brain development.

So, I will introduce to you two interactive toys that are very popular on the market today: children's table hockey and two-person football match table.

Table Hockey:

There are 2 players in this game, each one with a batting handle then hit the puck to make it into the opponent’s goal. So you can get one point. This ice hockey game has a large table surface, which enhances the fun of the game. The air holes on the table use wind suspension, start the blowing mode, and use air buoyancy to hit the ice puck. This can reduce the friction of the ice hockey and bring you the joy of speed. It can exercise the coordination of the body. At the same time, the game is highly interactive, whether it is with family or with friends, you can enhance communication in it. Equipment such as batters and hockey pucks are simple and exquisite in design, suitable for the baby's small hands to grasp. The toys are used the original environmentally friendly materials of international environmental protection standards, and the products have no peculiar smell, which protects the baby's health problems, so you can buy with confidence!

Table Football:

A two-person football battle game, allowing you to experience the fun of competition without leaving home. This toy is not restricted by the venue and allows you to play at any time. Although this is a desktop game, it simulates a football field design, giving children a real sense of experience, allowing them to fall in love with the sport of football while playing, and to learn about the competitive knowledge of learning football. Table football uses elastic force to launch the football, and the ball can fly out as long as it is simply pressed. Press the button on the side handle of the goal to launch the football into the opponent's goal so that you can score. At the same time, the ejection board can also block the opponent's football attack. Table football combines the concept of football sports with toys. It is a football game that can also be played on the table.

Because of this kind of game, the child’s original force can be released, letting the child knows that he is stronger than he knows, he has potential allies around him. And he will be the hero of his own story. Children’s research and education experts said that playing with toys between children and their parents can enhance the relationship between adults and children, promote smooth communication, also can narrow the generation gap between the two sides. For children, it can cultivate the ability to face challenges and the courage to overcome difficulties. So what are mothers and fathers waiting for, please hurry up and play toys with your baby!

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