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Steam Toys that Mom Cares About

Steam Toys that Mom Cares About

STEAM toy is known as "teaching toy" in the market and is a puzzle toy used in steam teaching work.

STEAM here is not what we usually means. It was a concept of education first proposed by the American government. The Steam is composed of the initials of the following five words: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

STEAM education focuses on the connection between learning and the real world. STEAM focuses more on the process of learning than the knowledge results reflected in the test paper. It advocates such a new way of education and teaching: let children complete their own projects they are interested in and related to their lives, and learn various disciplines and interdisciplinary knowledge from the process.

As the dearest playmates in children's lives, toys naturally become the priority development of STEAM's educational philosophy. STEAM toys can turn obscure technology knowledge into fun and not boring games, effectively seize the children's curiosity and desire to explore and encourage them to understand the world themselves.

The STEAM toys have the following advantages:

First, stimulating children's curious nature and the ability to actively explore; Second, cultivating children's all aspects of skills and understanding ability; Third, let ting the children cultivate innovative consciousness in hands-on practice; Fourth, guiding the cooperation between partners and emphasize the problem-solving ability; Fifth, attaching importance to the cultivation of art and culture soft power.

Next, we will introduce several steam toys for parents reference.

The first is the rail car adventure game. Reference the pictures for the specific appearance.This rail car game is easy to install. Children can also install it by themselves and play up easily.

 Track car game has diversified scenes, three-dimensional multi-layers, including a total of eight levels. One: Raise the platform and start. Two: The rotary table crosses the curve. Three: Climbing to the top. Four: bounce the car. Five: Take the car to spin. Six: Put down the bridge for the connection. Seven: Lift the crane. Eight: Burst for the tape.

Track car game built-in mechanical linkage track that does not need a battery and more environmentally friendly.

Track car game color matching science: there are six buttons respectively corresponding to the organ color of the scene and the child can identify the color through the operation control button.

Car‘s Parts use impact-resistant ABS materials that is hardness and not easy to fall off. Parents can rest assured that their children can play. So it can work out for a long time.

Track car games can exercise children's hand, eye and brain coordination ability,exercise children's hands-on ability. So it's worth buying it for your kids.



The second toy to recommend is gears blocks that combine steam ideas to reverse traditional building block toys. Not all the cars can be moved but the gear blocks can. Not all the letters can be turned but the gear blocks can.

Gear blocks have a variety of gameplay suitable for all ages.

 It can teach your children to know the numbers. Just spell out a digital shape on the bottom board. Children can combine the shape they want according to their own ideas. The splicing modeling is good and stable, but also easy to remove.

Gear blocks are rounded, smooth, odorless and fine workmanship. Don't worry about causing physical harm to your child.

Gear toy needs to use the children's imagination and creativity by introducing knowledge of mechanical, architectural and physics. children can be trained in combination and analytical coordination and improve children's thinking ability.  There are 16 white "base" pieces that fit together in an unlimited number of configurations. After the user puts all the base pieces together, you can then insert a four-pegged "axle" into the base which in turn will hold one of several different sized gears. The challenge is to lay out the gears so that the teeth of the adjacent gear interlock just enough to spin freely when user turns the initial gear. The layout of the base pieces and the gears are only limited by the user's imagination. The gears are colorful. Some have stickers, some don't. The stickers have cool patterns that make interesting effects when the gears are rotating. All the pieces are made from plastic durable enough for normal play.

If your kids like hands-on games and enjoy creating things, I'm sure they'll love this toy. Not only can it be bought for your own family children. They can also be used as gifts to the children of their relatives.

The third toy to recommend to you is a children's microscope.

A microscope is an optical instrument used to magnify tiny objects into instruments visible to the naked eye. Children's microscope fits children's curiosity about the world.

It can also be used outdoors as it is very light and small and easy to carry. magnification is up to 400 times.The microscope can be connected to the phone and records can be observed through the phone screen.

There will be 12 kinds of slides corresponding to pictures and pictures, convenient to distinguish.Learning books and observation manuals will also be presented to teach children how to use the microscope and record what they see under the microscope.

Children's microscopy can help children see a different microcosm and cultivate children's ability to observe things around them .By observing things under the microscope, they can stimulate children's curiosity, cultivate their scientific literacy and cultivate children's love for science. This is a mini microscope toy designed for children.





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