Baby and Toddler Educational Toys - learning Cards

Baby and Toddler Educational Toys - learning Cards

Baby and Toddler Educational Toys - learning Cards

As a teacher who has been engaged in early education for almost seven years, and I have just become a novice mom, I know the necessity of early education. A baby’s brain is a piece of white paper. The more stimuli we are exposed to, the faster and more comprehensive the development will be. And learning is always too late, not too early. I prepared a variety of early educational books, cards, picture books for my baby... I look forward to learning, having fun and growing up with my baby at every different stage!

What I want to recommend to you today is the baby black and white card and the instant memory card. What are the benefits of these small cards for babies, let's take a look together.

1.Black and White Card, suitable for babies aged 0-3 months.

These cards are mainly used to stimulate the baby's vision and brain development through visual stimulation. Through research, it is known that the visual development of babies can reach the same level as adults after one year of age, and babies of 0-3 months old are always better than others when facing parents’ faces and black and white objects within the visual range. And they will become very excited. Because of complex, symmetrical, three-dimensional, and dynamic human face satisfies the baby’s natural visual preference. children can only see black and white and gray when they are 0-3 months old. The contrast is the strongest of black and white, so it is easier to attract the baby's attention. According to the theory of infants and young children’s visual development: bright contours and strong contrast patterns can provide babies with strong visual stimulation, strengthen visual responses and enhance visual attention.

Black and white cards have too many benefits, but they need to be used correctly to be effective. Parents can choose simple patterns that are easy for children to recognize and remember. You can select from simple dots to animals and to living things. You Also can choose a theme card to facilitate your baby's cognitive memory. The best card placement distance is 20-30cm in front of the vision. At the beginning, parents can wave a card to attract the baby. when the baby is watching, mom teach the baby to identify the contents on the card. The language is mainly concise, just repeat the content on the map .you can say "baby, this is the star, the star". When the baby is familiar with the black and white cards, you can start the training of the color cards!

2.10 Seconds Instant Memory Cards, suitable for babies three years old and above.

The advantage of memory training is that can greatly improve memory and effectively improve concentration, understanding and creativity. memory training can enhance kids logical ability, learn to find keywords and understand the internal logic of the article. In addition, the development of the left and right brains of most people is not balanced. If a person has a developed right brain and a weak left brain, he will show a lot of creative inspiration, but cannot get the key points, thinking and doing things unorganized. If the left brain is developed and the right brain is weak, the performance is strong and organized, but the person lacks interest and agility. If through memory training, the left and right brain can develop in balance, that will make work and study better.

The memory card has two sets of themes.

The first is a simple and interesting interactive competitive game with characters as the theme, containing 50 game cards in total, with illustrations on the front and 6 questions on the back. Babies should quickly memorize the details of the card within 10 seconds, and then randomly answer the questions on the back. It helps to cultivate children's concentration and observation ability, and let them explore life in games.

The second set takes life as the theme, and the pictures show interesting activities between characters in different scenes in life, such as painting activities, haircuts and birthday parties in life and so on, allowing children to understand the joy of life explores through interaction.

The cards can help stimulate the basic concepts and enlightenment of the baby. The six questions on the back cover basic concepts such as color, shape, quantity, and orientation, which help enrich children's enlightenment cognition and improve their thinking ability.

This kind of interaction between parents and babies can not only stimulate the baby's vision, but also enhance the baby's ability to imitate and communicate. Dear moms and dads, if you understand the specific learning methods, hurry up and start training for your children. You will get unexpected gains!

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