Children Electric Shaking Caterpillar Toy Party Table Game

  • Size: 27*21*25 CM
  • Box size: 28*27*9cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Age: 3+
  • 1, Multiplayer Game: A fun multiplayer table game. Shaking the toy, it will twist and rotate when used. The winner needs to put his little bead on the palm of the toy in the shortest time to become the first, and so on.
    2, Bring Happiness: A fun and positive challenge to make children laugh and dance while playing.
    3, Fun Toy with Bright Colors: Very suitable for developing fine motor skills and improving kids 'coordination. The dancing toy with bright colors is very interesting, very suitable for children's games, designed for their coordination and fine motor skills.
    4, Easy to Install : This is very interesting for the whole family. The rules are simple, the dancing toy is fun and easy to install and remove.
    5, Ideal Gift: It is very suitable for gift giving and it helps to develop motor skills for any age.