Clockwork Automatically Car Model Deformation Toy

  • Size: 3.5*11.5*5 cm 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Age: 3+
  • 1. the transformation vehicle can be automatically converted into an animal only by the wind. The last-second was a cool racing car, and the next second was a walking dog. Large enough to hold, bright colors, no need to worry about small items.
  • 2. No battery is needed, and these toy cars can travel a long distance easily after being wound. After driving for a period of time, it will automatically become an animal, then back to a car, and continue driving. Interact with children and have a good time.
  • 3. A good education and learning toy, It teaches your children to feel the inertia of cars and stimulate their interest. Let your children have a fun time and learn new things at the same time. The perfect gift, suitable for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, parties for boys and girls.