Logical Car Road Building Maze Route Builders Montessori Toys

  • Size: 38*38 cm
  • Box size : 30*22*7 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Age: 5+
  • This board game is a great test of the child's logical thinking ability and overall layout strategy. He needs to think about how to choose the road, straight line or bend, if he wants to turn in which direction, etc., and so on. The child is constantly exploring to modify his own ideas and create the right path.
    1. Educational parent-child interactive toys, from simple to difficult, with a large age span.
    2. The toy has fine workmanship, smooth chamfer, no burr and taste.
    3. Being able to exercise children's patience, concentration and creativity is suitable for two people to play (one is responsible for layout and problem setting, and the other is responsible for breaking through the barrier), so that the child can join the parent-child time with his parents.
    4. the rules are changeable and the topics are rich and varied, from easy to difficult, and gradually stimulate children's thinking and creativity