Do Kids Need Toys in Autumn?

Do Kids Need Toys in Autumn?

Autumn is here, the weather is getting colder and colder, the leaves begin to turn yellow, and when the wind blows, large tracts of leaves fall from the trees, and the ground is full of dry leaves, walking on it, making a crisp sound. This is a suitable season to go out and play. Take the kids out to play, carry a backpack, bring snacks, prepare wet tissues, and prepare a garbage bag to cultivate children's environmental awareness. Outdoor autumn outings, you must exercise your child's willpower, insist on letting the child walk the full course by himself, and at the same time cultivate the child's observation ability, encourage the child to play with dirt, leaves, bugs, etc.

Autumn symbolizes maturity and a good harvest. When you stand in the field, you will see large areas of golden yellow. What a gratifying harvest scene. People in the distance were harvesting big yellow corn in the cornfield, and the large-scale machinery was rumbling and working ceaselessly. Take the doll to the farm to see the harvest, get to know the appearance of the crops, and let the children know the source of various foods.

The advantage of autumn is to experience nature, let children feel the beauty of life and the beauty of nature, broaden their horizons, let them do it by themselves, even if he does not do well in the process of experience, he will improve his activities and thinking ability, and the child’s growth It lies in exercise.

Of course, when you go out, remember to prepare for mosquito bites and itching.

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