Recommended educational toys for infants and toddlers

Recommended educational toys for infants and toddlers

Multi-Fun Bead is a common educational toy. There are two types of this toy: one is the bead frame type, and the other is the threading bead type. Many mothers will consider the age of the toy when choosing toys for their babies. So, how old can a baby play with Bead winding?

Babies under 3 years old are more suitable for this toy. They can learn the trajectory by moving the beads. It has the same trajectory as a maze, which is very exploratory. The baby in this period will make no secret of his emotions, which is very interesting. Slightly older babies, like over 3 years old, they are suitable for string threading bead. Babies can DIY by themselves and make their favorite Headwear, jewelry and different shapes by themselves.

Beading is to allow the child to exercise the strength of the hand through the grasping action. If you want the baby to exercise, you can let him complete the refined movements. Parents also can make some irregular and variable shapes and slightly complicated trajectories to exercise them. Through the child's grasping and winding behavior, he can learn some knowledge that he can accept and understand while playing. Once the child's ability of understanding the outside world “ the sensory ability “ is degraded, the neural pathways that should be established are delayed or even disappear, and the child's brain thinking will become slow. Dr. Els used the principle of the connection between the senses and the brain, and designed sensory training equipment based on the sensory integration theory. Each piece of equipment is designed to promote the connection between the senses and the brain, making full use of the sensory integration equipment for training. The child's feelings become more and more acute, and the thinking will become more sensitive.

The quality of children's solid wood round beads is very good, the wood is without bad smell and bright in color not fade. The surface of the base and the beads are smooth without burrs and sharp corners no strange odor, only a slight smell of solid wood; Taking a closer look at the solid wood floor, the texture of the solid wood floor is clear and the surface is chamfered and polished, which will not harm the baby's skin and the bead frame are uniform in color. Besides, the surface coating is made of healthy and non-hazardous eco-friendly water-based paint. The color matching of the space walk and roller coaster routes is reasonable and clear. Like the net of thought in the baby’s head, the  thinking is also clear. The beads are composed of different colors and sizes. The beads are round and smooth, without cracking and burrs. The professionally matched color combination by preschool education experts that make babies over 6 months full of interest. To achieve the purpose of exercising baby's hand-eye coordination, it can teach them to recognize colors and distinguish sizes when babies hold different beads.  when the baby is three years old, parents can also use the beads to teach the baby simple mathematical calculations to develop  baby's mathematical thinking. The bead can also exercise small hands. The baby's small hands shuttle and move in the orbit of the bead. In this process, the concept of rising, falling, and turning will be formed, and the delicate operation of the small hands will be exercised. Round beads can also mobilize children's enthusiasm for activities, and children's physical and mental development is realized in activities. Beads can be freely manipulated and used by children that conform to the children's psychological hobby and ability level and can meet their activity needs and improve their enthusiasm for activities.

l learned about this toy in the Early Education Center, so I prepared it for the baby early. Now he can move the beads at will. Next, I will teach him the color and quantity. For children's toys, there is nothing expensive or not, only appropriate or inappropriate. The bead toy seems simple, but in fact it has both difficulty and fun in the bead movement. Don’t buy toys for your baby cheaply. If the quality is not good or use bad materials as the baby will definitely bite toy. Choosing a good and a safe toy for baby is very important.


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