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Two Toys Suitable for Newborn Babies

Two Toys Suitable for Newborn Babies

Huile Duck Stack

There are a lot of toys in the form of folding circles. This one is with light and sound, which is more attractive to babies. When the switch is touched, the duck make various amusing sound effects and short music. At the same time, the designer added the humanized design of volume adjustment to provide different sound quality experience for the baby. There are five rings, each ring is light and easy to grip. From the bottom to the top, the size decreases. The different sizes of the rings are stacked at will to exercise the baby's hand movements. A total of five colors including purple, green, yellow, orange and red and colors are very bright which can attract the baby’s eyes and learn to recognize colors. Huile belongs to the high-end children's brand so the quality can also rest assured with good texture to the touch, smooth and polished without scratching. Although it looks simple, the simpler the toy is, the more ways to play it. And play method will increase as baby grows up. Because each ring feels different, baby can directly to touch and promotes haptic development. Mother can take out two different rings and tell the baby what color it is and then issue instructions for the baby to find one of the colors. The baby will understand after repeated guidance. In addition, parents can also guide the baby to transfer the ring from one hand to the other hand and practice the cover on and off and exercise the hand-eye coordination.

Fire rabbit

The appearance is really cute which is very attractive to the baby, the soft pink is very suitable for the baby girls. Ear-free is a soft silicone design with high safety level, which can be chewed by teething babies and is very suitable for babies to handle. Long silicone ears that change color will be attractive to babies. Boot the sound is a happy child’s voice that can let the baby feel happy. My baby has been listening to fire rabbit since she was born and she will laugh once hearing the sound of fire rabbit. This toy has a high fall resistance index. In order to let the baby eat well I often give her the rabbit toy but sometimes the baby drops the toy, but the toy is still intact. The most important thing is that it is easy to clean and the food that sticks to it will be wiped clean as soon as possible.

The button operation is very simple, which include listening to children's songs, telling stories, learning languages. You can also record it for your baby. Built-in Bluetooth mode allows you to connect to your phone to download more stories and songs. No more buy other storybooks or search online for stories to your baby. The rich content is great for your baby to practice mindfulness, sleep and language development. The sound is soft and does not hurt the ear. The sound of streams and birds can have an effect on your baby. According to children's sleeping habits, selecting bedtime music and stories to calm the baby's mood for sleeping and setting the intelligent hibernation function meanwhile. If no operation is performed for 30 minutes, the system will automatically shut down. The drawback is that its battery is not very good, you have to charge it every day after a period of using. But overall this is good toy choice for babies from 0 to 6 years old. When the baby is in the belly, soft music keep the baby in a stable state of mind and stimulated brain development. In the growth stage to cultivate children's good character and habits and develop the baby's imagination and creativity is important.


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