3D Wooden Animal Shape Concentration Jigsaw Puzzle


1. Package includes: 1 * puzzle educational toys + 1 * Exquisite wooden box + 1 * reference drawing + 1 * key pendant.

2. Puzzle size: A3 or A4

3. Number of puzzle pieces: A3: about 300 pieces. A4: about 200 pieces.

4. Material: butt wood

5. Size:

1、A3 Paper: 42x29 cm(About 300 pieces)--average complexity is 10+ years old.

2、A4 Paper: 29x21 cm(About 200 pieces)--average complexity is 10+ years old.

3、A5 Paper: 21x14 cm(About 100 pieces)--average complexity is 7+ years old.

Product features:

1. Our wooden puzzles with nature and animals as the theme. The puzzle consists of some lovely animals, small pieces in the shape of plants and some irregular pieces. Our wooden puzzle has a variety of patterns for you to choose from, so you can more fully enjoy the fun and relaxed time brought by this mysterious animal puzzle!

2. Our jigsaw puzzle uses formaldehyde free environmental friendly wood materials without peculiar smell. Lasercutting, smooth surface treatment, high quality. After environmental protection and dyeing treatment, a protective layer is formed, which is durable, anti fading and corrosion resistant. It can be kept for decades, hung on the wall or passed on to others for appreciation. It can also be kept in a wooden box for a long time.

3. Suitable for children over 5 years old and adults. It can promote children's eye coordination ability and improve their attention, patience, logical thinking and problem-solving ability. Or use it as a way to relieve stress after a long day's work. There is no doubt that the whole family will be surprised by the brain puzzle of this puzzle game.

4. Everyone will like gifts - looking for intimate birthday or holiday gifts? These unique wooden puzzles are the perfect choice! Provide hours of entertainment for your loved ones.

5. Puzzles can calm the mind and stimulate creative meditation. This is the most valuable parent-child game. Intelligence games suitable for adults and children at the same time. A good choice for birthday and Christmas gifts.