Board Game Match Master Intelligence Development Toys

  • Size: 20*20*10 cm
  • Material: Paper+ Wood
  • Age: 5+
  • Let the fun begin! Pyers race to arrange a set of 5 blocks to match a pattern shown on a card. The first player to be successful grabs the card and begins a new matching race.
  • The most satisfying elements of this game are the big blocks. They are colorful and light and fun to work with, even if you are stressing to put them on it is the right combination.
  • Smart and fun! Fast and lots of action. A quick visual recognition game. Perfect for game nights with family and friends.
  • Specifications: 2 / 3 / 4 people are OK, with great flexibility.
  • Includes: 20 game blocks (4 sets of 5 different blocks). 60 pattern cards (12 cards in 5 difficulty levels: difficulty levels are indicated by the number of lines on the edges of each card). 1x Game manual