Tumbler Music Baby Rattle Teether Toys Stacking Ring For Kids

  • Size: 15*15 cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Age:0+
  • The cute bee cartoon shape, rattle, teether, tumbler, stacking circle, music box and other functions attract children's attention and accompany them to grow up happily.
  • Three different rattle designs, the size of which is suitable for babies to grasp and shake to make a sound. When the baby inserts the rattle into the cylinder or pulls it out of the cylinder, it will trigger the button and play funny sounds or music. After assembling all the rattles, the toy will become a tumbler. You can push it gently, it will not lie down easily, and it can also rotate 360°.
  • This is a safe, durable, non-toxic and tasteless baby toy. The rattle can be carried separately, and it is convenient to carry when traveling, and it can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • The unique design of the baby toy, sharp color contrast, changes in sound and texture, are conducive to the development of children's hearing and touch, as well as the perception of color.
  • Adopting an interesting stacking ring design, the process of stacking layer by layer exercises the child's hand-eye coordination ability. Parents can participate and spend fun parent-child interaction time.